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About Us

Playformance is founded by: Kevin Nichols, Anna McCallister-Nichols, Jolene Nichols, and Cecilia Nichols.

Mission Statement

To revolutionize physical education by providing a challenging play-based curriculum to help young people develop the cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills that nurture them to grow into cooperative, confident and compassionate people.

What we do

Playformance is a Parkour and Play Based Fitness Program that builds kids Strength and Character through PLAY

About Our Programs

Our programs offer all of these fantastic benefits:

• Move Better
• Eat Better
• Enhance Social Skills
• Increase Self-Esteem
• Reduce Aggression
• Foster Cooperation
• Maximize Total Participation
• Emotional Health
• Reinforce Values of Sharing, Honesty, Complassion, Personal Responsibility
• Empower a positive Peer Culture
• Quality Physical Education Curriculum
• Get Stronger

Our Staff

We hire and train coaches and staff who are passionate about kids, passionate about play and who are empathetic to the needs of ALL children.
Meet Our Staff

119 E. Toole Ave • MAP
Tucson, AZ 85701 • 520-623-3904