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Thanks for your time and hard work

Hey coach kev. I wanted to thank you for all your time,hard work,and dedication you have had with my boys over the summer and past couple of years. Nathen and Dominic are truly blessed to have you and your staff in there lives. thank you again

Richard and Roxanne Drow, Satisfied Parents

We couldn’t be happier!

Coach Kevin, We want to express our gratitude for the fantastic time our kids had at camp. They came home stinky, sweaty and happy everyday. We have very different children in the area of sports, but your camp managed to appeal to both of them. We couldn’t be happier! Please extend our thanks to Coach Calvin and the other folks that made this a great 2 weeks for our kids.

Jenny Douglas, DIrector 2nd Street School

Good news, Ellie got 2nd in the 500 yd run at her Regional qualifier and qualified for the City meet and Ben just took 3rd in the mile last night at his Divisional meet and also qualified for the City meet. I credit you and all of the coaches at PlAYFORMANCE that worked with Ben and Ellie to give them that extra edge that helped them in their running events! Thank you! Jon and I are so happy that they can be in the mix at these qualifying meets. It must feel good. Thank you Kevin, thank you!

Bridget, Satisfied Mom

Fun, inclusive, kind, constructive, and action packed!

Holland and Maya always love Playformance. I think it is their favorite place to be! We are so grateful for the environment you offer for the kids. Fun, inclusive, kind, constructive, and action packed! I love that they are getting exercise and having fun in a place where they are comfortable (low-competition).

Thank you!

Felicia D. Goodrum, PhD

Playformance is a real gift to Tucson

Kevin, thank you for another amazing camp experience. Alexis loved it as always. Playformance is a real gift to Tucson and we are hugely grateful to you for your vision.


Coach Kevin’s Wise Words

I wanted to let you know what an amazing impact you are having on the kids. I have been doing nutrition lessons with the kids in 4th and 5th grade at Davis. Every single kid who attends Playformance raised their hands multiple times to share “Coach Kevin’s wise words” – “if it grows on a plant, eat it; if it comes from within a plant, don’t” (or something like that) and many more. You are having such a powerful impact on the kids in so many ways and quite a few kids said, “Oh Playformane, I love that place” and other kids’ curiosity was really piqued when they heard other kids talk about it. So thank you again – it is so wonderful when kids are actually hearing what we are saying!! We are lucky to have you as a youth leader in our community, Kevin. I know you work really hard and sometimes if feels for naught, But you are truly making a difference in the lives of these kids.

Cheryl Gerken, Teacher and Mom

Great place to be

Not to get mushy, but before Eric started PLAYFORMANCE he really did not connect with anything. He didn’t have many friends, didn’t like sports and really just didn’t seem to have much confidence. I really think his growth should be credited to you and your program. He absolutely loves going there. Its been a great place for him to be.


I am glad we found you

Kevin, we love you and your program! I resisted athletics when the boys were small because I dislike the aggressive nature of some training programs and the way winning can sometimes be stressed above all else. Meeting you was a breath of fresh air! Development of physical strength, playfulness, and creating a cooperative and joyful environment for exercise are some of the things I like best about your program. My boys love to attend your class, and have a terrific time when they are there. Kudos on your fabulousness, and I’m so glad we found you!

Nicole Meade, Mom of 3 active boys

I would highly recommended his services to any young athlete

Kevin’s passion, sincerity, and energy is evident and powerful with the athletes he works with. He is a true student of his craft and keeps a good grasp on the latest information to help athletes enjoy exercising and reach their potential. He also brings extra enlightenment with his nutrition facts of the day! Having him help our program the last few years has been well worth it and I would highly recommended his services to any young athlete!

Briana Felix, Head Varsity Basketball Coach Salpointe

He has never been this interested in exercise before

Just wanted to thank you for being such a great coach to my son. This week all I heard was “I want to go early to PLAYFORMANCE so I can throw the football with my friends”, or I can do this now mom or we did this tonight. He wants to go on Sat. And we already talked about summer camp. He has never been this interested in exercise before. Thanks to u and coach Calvin. From a parent to a parent; thank you.

Amy, Mom

You’re doing a fantastic job

I know I have said this before but I will say it again. You are doing a fantastic job with Jake. I knew from the first time we came and watched that you have an incredible gift of being able to reach kids.

Jeff Langejans, Dad

Free Play and Fort Building are his favorite

Scout loved camp last week! He looks forward to early release every Weds so he can go to Playformance. He says free play and fort building are his favorites.

Thanks again!


We will be there again

AIden LOVES Playformance and wants to go everyday, instead of going to school.
We will be there again, for sure.


Your program has made our St Gregory players both stronger and faster

Hey Kevin, your program has made our st gregory players both stronger and faster in all aspects from mental to physical. We will continue to have you and your program be a part of our pre season and in season training as long as you are willing to do it. Quotes

Jason Apadaca, Head Varsity Basketball Coach, St. Gregory

How to be a great sport and good team member

Thank you Coach Kevin. Gabe is very lucky to get to work with you! Thanks for your amazing work fostering behavior on how to be a great sport and good team member. Quotes

Abby, Mom

Our Goals Were Achieved

“Thank you again for hosting us! We had a great time. It was amazing to see the difference in everyone from the time they entered to the time we left. The teamwork and energy level of the entire group was elevated and our goals were achieved!”

Stefanie Christopher | Assistant Director, Undergraduate Programs The University of Arizona Eller College of Management

Absolute Best Place To Have A Party

We just had my niece Stella’s 5th birthday party here, It was a great party for both kids and adults! All of the coaches involved were very playful with the kids and were able to keep all age groups very entertained. Playformance handled everything so well, I’m looking forward to going to another party here and not being a host so I can run around and have fun myself.

Dolores 'Libra' Aguilar

Fun and Perfectly Catered to Our Group

“Thank you for reaching out to us and for hosting us at Playformance! I can’t say enough wonderful things about our experience. Not only was it absolutely fun, but it was perfectly catered to our group. All of the activities tied so well into business lessons and I thought it was great how you even integrated your own experience of starting your business. Your staff was so incredibly welcoming and engaging. I’m very much looking forward to returning!”

Aubrey C. Anglemyer | Manager – Events, Leadership, & Marketing The University of Arizona Eller College of Management

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