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Camp FAQ

NEW POLICY: Our daily camp limit is 75 kids. Please register ahead, email, or call to reserve your space so you don’t get turned away!


What should my child bring and wear to camp each day?

Your child should wear and bring:

  • Comfortable clothing that allows for active learning. Socks and easy slip on shoes.  Please don’t send your kids with shoes they can’t put on themselves.
  • Lunch each day. Refrigeration is available. Or $7 cash for hot lunch. We do Pizza on Thursdays for $5.  We can’t take credit cards for lunch.  Cash only please.
  • Water bottle
  • Appropriate swim attire on designated swim days
  • Please provide your kids with snacks or bring cash for our healthy vending machine.

Remember to label all belongings with the camper’s name and phone number. Please keep all entertainment devices at home.  We are a no electronics camp.

Will my child play outside?

No. We are an indoor playground. We do eat outside but it is a fully covered patio.

Will my child do any arts and crafts during camp?

Yes, we feel that there are many ways of learning, including through the arts. Each day will include not only arts and crafts as a vehicle to teach concepts, but also physical activity. We have partnered with Carolyn King to provide your kids the very best art experience.

Who will be teaching my child?

We hire staff with backgrounds in education to serve as coaches as well as local teachers. All of our coaches are trained extensively.

My child has a learning disability or other special needs. Will he or she be able to participate in the camp program?

We pride ourselves on catering to the needs of each child and are happy to talk with you about your camper’s special needs. We prefer to know about all special circumstances before camp begins to assist with planning and staff training. If your child has relevant special or medical needs, we’d like to talk with you prior to registering your child for camp to ensure that we can properly support them. Please contact the camp director via email at playformance@icloud.com and indicate you have special camp needs in the subject line. If you decide to join us, we also ask you to provide detailed information about your child’s special needs on the Camp Contract.

What’s the process for dropping off and picking up my child each day?

Drop-off and pick-up activities for camp sessions will take place in the parking lot directly east of Playformance. 
 As an important safety measure, Playformance will only release campers at pick-up to authorized persons. As part of the Camp Contract completed during registration, you may authorize up to two people in addition to parents/legal gaurdians who may pick up your camper with the presentation of valid identification. The contract also requires your contact information so we can contact you in the event that an unauthorized individual arrives to pick up your child.

What does my child do during extended care times?

Campers are supervised by Playformance staff during extended care times, and their activities will vary day to day. Active games, ping pong, fort building, table games, blocks, leggos, and much more.  The after care portion is directed by this kids and what they want to play.  It is some a lot the kids favorite part of the day!

What happens if there are disciplinary issues at camp?

We rarely experience serious disciplinary issues and keep campers thoroughly engaged to maximize learning and minimize “acting out.” We will handle discipline issues on a case-by-case basis. Talking with campers is our first response; “time out” is utilized when necessary. We will relay all discipline issues to parents as they occur and will work in partnership with families to develop effective solutions.

What happens if a child is injured at camp?

Each camper’s Medical Release (completed during registration) authorizes certified camp staff members to administer first aid. In case of emergency, camp staff will notify parents to come pick up their child.

May I visit during camp?

We encourage parents to visit only during the lunch period. This helps us keep each camper focused on his or her camp activities.
 Should you need to visit with your child during camp, please notify the camp coordinator first.

How many children are in each camp session?

Each session has limit of 75 campers each day.

Can I play registration fees in installments?

Playformance does not have a formal installment plan and all fees must be paid in full when the registration is completed. If this presents a hardship, please contact the front desk at 623-3904 to see if alternate plans can be made.

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