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What is Playformance?

Playformance is an Adventure Playground full of fun challenging obstacles like monkey rings, swinging and climbing ropes, monkey bars, warp walls, climbing walls, peg boards, ninja walls and gladiator walls.  Playformance is a challenge by choice gym where kids are encouraged to get outside their comfort and into their growth zone by trying new movement challenges.  We also play super fun games at Playformance that focus on cooperation, team work and loving competition.

What do the Memberships include?

Have more fun and save money with our Playformance Membership!
For just $99/year you can save 5% on all Playformance services including camps, Parkour, open play and more!

$99 for one year
Save 5% on all services!
One membership can be used for the entire family/siblings
Not valid on special offers.
Once purchased you will receive an email with a special code you can use for online purchases.

 Can Memberships be shared?

Memberships work for all members of your immediate family.

When do Memberships expire?

Memberships last one year from the purchase date.

Can I cancel a Membership?

Memberships are non refundable once you purchase.

Can the Play Pass be shared between siblings?

Yes, the Play Pass can be shared between siblings but not between friends.

When does the Play Pass expire?

The Play Pass expires 4 months after the date of purchase.

Can the Play Pass be used for Family Play?

Yes, the Play Pass can be used for Family Play.

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Tucson, AZ 85701 • 520-623-3904