New Games!

Come experience the joy of playing physical games with newly found friends, in an atmosphere of trust and freedom.  Bring a friend and get playful!

The inspiration behind the New Games Class comes from the New Games Book and its companion, More New Games, which were resources developed for the "New Games" movement which began in the late 1960s to encourage people to play non-competitive or friendlier games. Many of the "New Games" may now be seen played, in their modern variants, in church youth groups, summer camps, gym classes, theatre workshops and as team-building exercises for organizations.

The New Games Foundation (who created the books) was an organization that hosted free community play events in parks where everyone was encouraged to “Play Hard. Play Fair. Nobody Hurt.” They believed that physical play was vital for everyone, that no one should be left out of the activity, that little or no equipment is required, and that the rules of play should be “dirt simple and fun.” While they believed that competition and cooperation should co-exist, winning or losing was not important. Rather, the process of play was emphasized as games were readily adapted or changed to fit the circumstances.1 Pretty cool huh?

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Thursday, January 24 • 6pm – 7pm

Thursday, February 14 • 6pm – 7pm

Thursday, February 28 • 6pm – 7pm

Ages 16+ • $10 (sliding scale available)
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