Coach in Training


Our coach in training program is designed for exceptional middle school aged campers who love PLAY, love KIDS, and are looking for more responsibility and growth. Potential CITs must complete an application and interview. CITs pay camp tuition and have special opportunities and leadership. CITs gain valuable life skills and experience which enhance their lives, improve their contribution to their families, and prepare them for their first jobs.

Prepare for possible future employment at Playformance

many of our most loved coaches are former CITs and Interns!

Coaches in Training will...

  • Build communication skills
  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • Challenge their bodies through vigorous play
  • Learn to work together in a team
  • Gain confidence with public speaking
  • Become a beloved role model
  • Make new friends 
  • Learn best ways to resolve conflicts
  • Learn how to be their best selves


CIT mentorship is available during Summer Camp (May - August) and School Break Camps (academic school year), Monday - Friday  9am-3pm. We are accepting applications for CITs throughout the year. Candidates must turn in the application and schedule an interview at least 3 weeks before your ideal start date.




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    A coach will contact you to set up an interview. CITs agree to uphold the values and healthy play rules of Playformance, and work to serve the campers and each other. Those who choose not to uphold these standards, will not be allowed to be CITs until they are able to demonstrate their responsibility. CITs must wear CIT shirt (one provided) and attend for a minimum of 5 days. CIT training day required.

    Middle school aged people are NOT required to be CITs! They are welcome to attend as campers too!